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Sunday, July 17

A Different Kind of Torture

If you watched Meet the Press this morning you were tortured too. You were tortured via Mehlman’s mouth, and yes, his face. His mannerisms make me cringe. Talk about shifty eyes, watch him if you dare. His eyes are the very definition of shifty. Oh my goodness that man is one bad, disgusting dude. I hate to be mean, but not all the time. Everything that comes out of his mouth is torturous to hear and as a matter of fact it’s torturous to watch his mouth as he speaks. He had his phrase du jour, most likely issued via the white house today for everyone to use when on a talk show. He praised special prosecutor Fitzgerald’s legal abilities but when Tim asked him if he would abide by Fitzgerald’s decision if Rove or one of the others was indicted, Melhman fumbled with words and said as usual, nothing. Tim tried to get a straight answer but all he got from Mehlman was bs. The party line was in use today.

So how many more times will we see Mehlman on our TV screen before this is all over? How much more can we take? If there is a god, he’ll let us know the outcome of this investigation soon, because we just can’t take much more of Mehlman’s verbal torture.

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