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Monday, July 11

Diamonds and Rhinestones

Perhaps when one is born, we have little settings in our heads. These little settings are capable of holding either diamonds or rhinestones. Which is placed in the settings is one’s own determination.

Some are curious and they seek answers. They want to educate themselves and determine what they believe to be right and wrong, fair and unfair. They learn, they read, and they listen. They may follow others' paths, but they come to their own conclusions based on experience and knowledge. These people place as many diamonds in their settings as they possibly can. They are seekers of nothing but the real thing, the diamonds.

Others find it easier to let someone else fill their settings. They really don’t care whether diamonds or rhinestones are used because they don’t see the difference as long as the settings are filled. Filling the settings is their ultimate goal. The content’s value is not important. When all those around them are satisfied with rhinestones, diamonds don’t appear to be required or necessary. When others appear to be making it through life with only rhinestones, what’s the incentive to seek out diamonds?

Who provides the rhinestones? Is it the church, the family or the community? No matter the provider, rhinestones are never anything more than diamond imposters. Rhinestones require no effort. Diamonds must be pursued.

There are some who try to convince the world that their rhinestones are actually diamonds. Only those who themselves have rhinestones in their settings will be fooled by that claim. They may even say that because so many have rhinestones instead of diamonds that that gives rhinestones some value. They may say it.

Rhinestones provide a fa├žade. Diamonds are enduring. Which we choose to place in our settings will determine our own view of the value of our life. A diamond’s sparkle is real and lasting. A rhinestone’s sparkle fades and dulls. While both fit equally well in our settings, only one is worth pursuing. The choice is ours. We may choose our own gem or we can allow someone else to choose for us. It’s easier to allow someone else to make the decisions but just remember all you’ll get is what they want you to have. And it’s not very often that diamonds are given away.

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