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Saturday, July 23

Dealing In Shit

A Turd Blossom is manure flower. What a fitting description for that man who fell in love with Bush decades ago and eventually pushed his substance abused but supposedly charismatic ass into political life regardless of his qualifications. Rove's initial impression of Bush: "Huge amounts of charisma, swagger, cowboy boots, flight jacket, wonderful smile, just charisma—you know, wow."

I have wrongly remarked in the past that Karl Rove was a marketing genius when in fact it is not marketing but manure that Rove uses to achieve his goals. There is a fine line between marketing genius and manure spreader. Being adept at destroying your competition by spreading vicious lies, dirty rumors and hurting people is not marketing at all. It's the M.O. of a bully, a shit slinger, an all around terrible guy. Turd Blossom honed these skills in college. Lee Atwater, a master ruiner of political ambitions and former Rove mentor actually apologized on his death bed for all the damage he caused. But Atwater didn't create Bush Sr the way Rove took his loser son and made him president. Rove branded George McGovern, a decorated WWII veteran as a "Left wing peacenik" in 1972. The Turd destroyed McCain's chances in 2000 by a dirty campaign which made McCain appear to be an unstable POW survivor with a drug addicted wife and illegitimate black child. We won't soon forget how Kerry's fellow Swift Boat veterans turned against him. Bush who was AWOL in his stint in the TANG, had a drunk driving charge and a trail of failed corporations came out victorious.

If Rove had used legitimate marketing strategies in trying to achieve his agenda, he wouldn't have succeeded because you can't promote crap unless you shovel it on to your opponent. This isn't marketing at all. It's manure flinging. If you have nothing good to say about your product, you have no other choice than to destroy the competition. Rove chose to deal in shit for a living and he will drown in it one day.

PS. thanks to readers for all the corrections.

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