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Friday, July 29

Criminals should never determine the definition of a crime.

So they want to take away a woman’s right to have an abortion. Might they also want to prevent a man from having a vasectomy? Lots of sperm are denied a future as an embryo when a man has a vasectomy. Are they not?

Are they really that concerned about the life of a fetus or is this about the rights of women in general. Will the next step be to take away the voting rights of women? Why not? If they don’t think we are wise enough to decide whether we want to have children, wouldn’t the next step be to decide that we aren’t wise enough to be entrusted with the vote? Maybe they will even step back farther and decide that wives are once again the property of their husbands. Hell, what’s to keep them from backing all the damned way back to bopping women over the head and dragging them home as their mate?

This is all about rights and privacy. This is about the government stepping into a woman’s life and telling her that she must give birth. That’s exactly what it is. It is insane to tell a woman that unless she wants to have a child she should never experience sex. You can preach it forever, but you’ll never succeed. Hormones trump laws just about every time. You can tell men and women that if a woman has sex with a man and a pregnancy occurs, they must have the child and tend to it for at least 18 years, but you’ll not succeed. Why? Because the sexual urge and desire between two people is one with no rationale. At the moment just before sex, the brain is not thinking about consequences. It surely isn’t. The instinct to experience sex will never be totally controlled. It’s as large a part of the normal human being as any other human emotion.

If women lose their right to legal abortions two things will happen and you can count on it. First women will continue to get abortions and those abortions may well be preformed by less than educated doctors. Women will die as a result. Next, America had best be prepared with a plan to care for many abandoned newborns. Even now in the area where I live, women can drop off newborns at fire departments and no questions will be asked. You can drop off unwanted kittens at the office of animal control. It’s sort of the same plan, in my opinion. The woman or young girl gets pregnant but for some reason, most likely religious or financial, she doesn’t have an abortion, so she has the baby and drops it off for someone else to deal with. Imagine how many drop off spots will be needed if abortion is ruled illegal.

If Roe v Wade is overturned, it will be the saddest day for women in this country, because it will be the ruling that forces women to have unwanted children. Seems a sad way to begin life. Women will be torn between breaking the law or having a child they do not want. Poor women will be hit the very hardest because they cannot afford to hop on a jet and fly away for a legal abortion. Poor women will be forced to either put their life in the hands of the man in the dirty room off the alley or bring another child into a world knowing full well that she cannot give this child the kind of life she feels that it deserves.

Remember the right to have an abortion does not require an abortion. It’s the choice that matters. That choice is the most important choice a woman will make. She, and she alone, must forever deal with the consequences. Most of us do not take lightly decisions of that magnitude. We must fight for the right to continue to be able to make those decisions ourselves. Decisions such as these are too important to be made by government. The government, as of late, has a track record of decision making that is not enviable.

Until our government shows me that their hands are clean in every way, I would appreciate it if they left my life, and the lives of all women, the hell alone. Criminals should never determine the definition of a crime.

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