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Tuesday, July 19

The Biggest “Crime” of Them All

You know, I'm not putting as much into what the Chimpster in Chief said yesterday, because we know how his non-mind works. He often messes up the English language so he may have just said "crime" because he heard the word somewhere.

If he is changing the rules of the game that shouldn't surprise us either. It's not like it's the first time he's done it. Remember the switch from wmd to liberation? When you are as shifty as this bunch you have to be ready to switch directions at a moment's notice. That's the trouble with telling so many lies; sometimes they just don't fit together so you have to make up new ones in order to tie in the old ones.

Ethics be damned; these guys are on a mission. Remember the mantra, “9-11 changed everything”? No it didn’t, but they sure have. They’ve used it as an excuse to change too many things. September 11, 2001 was a hellish day and they have, in the name of the nearly 3000 who died that day, used those deaths to advance their agenda and their mission. In my mind that is the biggest and most tragic crime of them all.

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