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Monday, July 18

Bad News at RiverBend

RiverBend (LINK)

She has a new post and it’s frightening

“Prayers for Khalid...
Raed of Raed in the Middle (LINK) has some very bad news. His brother Khalid of the blog Tell Me a Secret has been abducted by the new Iraqi mukhabarat.”

Now go to A Family in Baghdad. (LINK) Read as much as you can. This is what a person from Iraq saw in America and sees in Iraq. She is the mother of Khalid and her name is Faiza.

Here’s some of what she writes:

"As to the rest of the stations, they only show those who support the war, stations like (CNN, FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC)… the strong, rich stations, owned by private companies...or the pure governmental stations, financed by the government.
So...the picture is clear, and sad...America lives in a semi-dictatorship condition now...What difference between that, and Iraq, at the time of Saddam Hussein? What is the difference between the Americans opposing the war and the government policies, and the Iraqis who opposed Saddam Hussein, and his wars against Iran and Kuwait?
Weren't they afraid of him, and his wrath? Didn't he wash the minds of the majority of people, through the media, and force them to accept his viewpoint, and none other? Didn't he accuse each Iraqi who opposes him of being a traitor to the country, or of anti-patriotism"?

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