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Saturday, July 16

And in other news...

Grand Theft Democracy: Hidden Sex Irks Senators
Senator's Clinton and Lieberman are incensed over sexual content in Grand Theft Auto, the video game, and want to introduce legislation to help keep inappropriate video games out of the hands of children, and has asked the FTC to investigate the "Grand Theft Auto" game because it has super secret sexual content.
"The disturbing material in 'Grand Theft Auto' and other games like it is stealing the innocence of our children, and it's making the difficult job of being a parent even harder," Clinton said. (link)

Oy vay. Being a parent was always a hard job and living in a democracy makes it harder for sure. Parents usually check out babysitters before they leave their kids with one. The same goes for video games. GTA is a very violent game. In my opinion, if you allow your minor child to play such an intense video game with an M (mature) rating , they can stand to watch a little sex. If you want the government to regulate everything so you don't have to be a diligent parent, then move to Saudi Arabia. It's letter writing time again.

Tunisian Astrologer Predicts:
Impending Doom for The Eiffel Tower, GWB, Saddam, King Faud (

EPA Hopes You Choke on the Air: Court Rejects States' Attempt to Force EPA to Regulate Greenhouse Gases As Air Pollutants: A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia said the Environmental Protection Agency acted properly when it rejected a nonprofit group's petition. The group had asked EPA to impose new controls on carbon dioxide and other automobile pollutants that scientists say trap heat in the atmosphere like a greenhouse. (link)

Catholics are not Christian, you silly goose (link)
A Christian adoption agency that receives money from “Choose Life” license plate fees said it does not place children with Roman Catholic couples because their religion conflicts with the agency’s “Statement of Faith.”
According to the statement of faith, this group asserts that the scriptures are the final authority (God quit speaking to humankind after the bible was written, except for bush) and they are happily awaiting the rapture. Hey nice way to raise your kids. Tell them that they are doomed.

All the while, Harry Potter's new adventure is a real tear jerker.

Cool Site of the Week:
Post Secret Blog: Ongoing community art project where people mail-in their secrets anonymously on one side of a homemade postcard.

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