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Thursday, June 16

Worse Than Downing Street Memo?

I watched the hearings about the Downing Street Memo on CSpan this afternoon led by Rep Conyers and it was very interesting to find out that the US was bombing Iraq BEFORE congressional approval. Stay tuned to see if the media picks up on this.

I was appalled at the tiny room in the basement the hearing took place in because the Republicans didn't want them to use a regular room. I am writing letters tonight. Some members of congress said it was suspicious that all sorts of voting was suddenly scheduled simultaneously with the hearings.

Two Things You Need to See:
More Damning than Downing Street
This will backup something you heard during the hearing today.

And so will this
A Strategy of Lies

No Room at the Inn?

“UPDATE:15:45:46: SCOOP FROM KAREN AT THE HEARING:HC-5, The Big Room for hearings that are held in Congress, is open, and has been open during this entire time.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's office called this morning and requested it, even offering to change the time of the hearing, as the room was open for two hours this morning, but were denied the use of the much larger room by the House Leadership. The evidence is clear--the House Leadership deliberately prevented this hearing from taking place in a room that would accommodate the large number of people slated to attend. Karen asks that everyone put this information out on all the blogs you can. It seems that the House Leadership thinks that it can do things like this without anyone finding out about it. Let's show them they are wrong.”

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