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Wednesday, June 29

Why Isn't Novak Going To Jail?

Robert Novak actually outed Valerie Plame in writing yet he is not facing jail. He is not being forced to reveal his source. Who is protecting him in the White House? Who told him to go ahead and out Ms Plame in retaliation for her husband, former ambassador Joseph C. Wilson's, claim that bush exaggerated evidence and that there was no yellow cake uranium sale between Niger and Iraq? Someone must have told him that they'd watch his back.

Judith Miller didn't write anything about this. The courts know who she spoke to in the government about the story so how come no one is asking them? How can she be responsible for a national security crime when it was Bob Novak who outed a CIA agent? How come the whole administration isn't issued a subpoena to testify as to who deliberately outed Ms Plame?

How obvious is this administration in its contempt for the media? Perhaps this gives us a clue as to why the media has appeared to be so complicit with the propaganda of the government and willing to blindly go along with the war when the reasons spewed by the government leading up to the war were indeed lies.

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