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Thursday, June 30

Who Loves Ya, Baby?

Keep in mind the fuss and flurry about the Terry Schiavo case and how all life is sacred even if it’s barely a life and we must do everything possible to save every single one of God’s creations. Remember how Dr. Frist diagnosed Schiavo via a four year old video and how sure his diagnosis as a doctor became? Oh yeah, until the autopsy results came in and all. With all this "life is sacred" and we can’t abort babies and we can’t use embryonic stem cells to cure deadly diseases and all the other righteous bullshit, seems on some fronts that sacred, precious, gotta save it, god’s gift, life could be a guinea pig if needed.

You’ll notice, when you read the list of those who voted against Sen. Boxer’s amendment(see Liz's post below), a few names you might recall from the world of save the children even before they are children. Save the egg and save the sperm, but once they unite and grow and shoot through the slide of life, hey what the hell? From that point on they are fair game. Do what you like with them and their mommies too. If they live long enough, through the hell of the experimentation, then you can push them into a school that probably won’t teach them shit, and later there’s always the opportunity to serve in the meat grinder known affectionately and patriotically as the war in Iraq. According to Rumsfeld, this war could go on another twelve years so a kid who is now about six years old still might have a chance to meet and greet bleed in Iraq.

So when you wonder who loves ya baby, just remember that love began in the mother’s womb and it doesn’t go a step beyond. As soon as you are a viable baby you’re on your own. Once you slide out and see the light of day, you may also see the darkness of pesticide experimentation. God creates humans for pesticide experimentation? According to 37 Republican Senators, I guess so.

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