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Thursday, June 9

What Did We Get?

It appears that all of bush’s judicial nominees are marching straight through the Senate and to the bench. Frist says the nuclear option is still on the table. So what exactly was the agreement that the seven Democratic Senators agreed to when the gang of fourteen met? What did the Democrats compromise and what exactly did the Republicans compromise? Again, what exactly did the Republicans compromise?

If the public feels that the Iraq war was wrong, that bush is out of touch with average Americans and that they trust Democrats over Republicans with their money, why are bush’s judicial nominees getting a free pass? If his judgment was so wrong on just about everything so far, why is his judgment given such weight now regarding these nominees? Something is fishy here. Something smells bad and it’s getting worse. While our country is at war, our economy is hurting and American’s disapproval of bush is going up, why are the American people and the Senate allowing our courts to be filled with people of bush’s choosing? Hasn’t he done enough harm already? Why is his taint allowed to spread to our judiciary and remain there for many years to come? Why allow his destructive legacy to go any farther?

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