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Monday, June 20


It's getting scarier and scarier by the day. Talk to people, pick up a local newspaper, watch Faux News: If you don't support Gitmo then you're unpatriotic. We invaded and blew up Iraq to bring peace to the world. The war in Iraq is retaliation for 9/11 this week. In order to maintain our freedom, we must submit to closer scrutiny by the government. Remain very afraid of evil brown people who hate us. Science is being attacked by the creationists and sex ed today is just plain misleading.

What happened to my country? It was never perfect as there were always greedy swine running the show, but for most of us, we felt we could go about our business without fear of government interference. Even when the Russians hated us, we weren't under such scrutiny.

Once sane neighbors and friends who became easily influenced by the cable news and mass propaganda have lost their minds. They are paranoid shells of their former selves. They feel like they are under attack by an evil left agenda. It's the most amazing spectacle of a collective mind fuck since pre-war Germany. Hatred, anger and fear is part of the American psyche even more than it was during the cold war. Thank God for God, eh?

If my dad were alive today, he'd croak.

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