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Thursday, June 16

Veto This

Bush threatens to veto embryonic stem cell research and from what I hear this morning he has threatened to veto any changes to the Patriot Act, aka American Freedom Removing Act. Well he hasn’t vetoed anything yet so if he plans to start, I have some suggestions for what he can veto.

Veto this war. It’s a war based on "fixed" info and "slam dunks". It’s a war that has been the reason for many many deaths and so damned much suffering. How many flags have covered caskets? Well as of today it’s over 1700. But apparently we have more flags because the recruiters are going into schools and nabbing kids to send to Iraq as so many targets. This war is wrong and it should be vetoed.

Veto the prison in Cuba. Even if some say it’s serving really good food and has a nice view, that’s not going to cover for abusing human beings who aren’t even officially charged with any crime. Just because you feed a person a well balanced meal doesn’t mean you can brutalize them and torture them. We are not a nation of torturers so veto that damned prison.

Veto the insane idea that Americans should invest their retirement money in the stock market. At least not as long as there are leeches in charge of the corporations. While American jobs are applying for passports it’s not a good idea to take what little the people believe they will have after retirement and gamble that money away. Veto shrugging off the responsibility of the government to provide social security for retirees. If you can’t manage the money correctly we’ll find someone who can.

Veto allowing big pharmaceutical companies to bleed us financially dry.

And lastly, veto yourself and your entire cabinet. Veto Fox News based on the fact that they even employ Bill O’Reilly. Veto Bill O’Reilly’s mouth and his falafel and his loofah. Veto Sean Hannity (link) because he needs vetoing a lot. Veto Hannity’s silent partner, Alan Colmes (link). Veto them all. And if there are any vetoes left, veto most of the Senate and the House, especially the Democrats who run as close with Republicans as remoras run with sharks. Also veto anyone who claims to be a voice of God and blames cartoon characters for all the ills of the world.

If something is going to be vetoed, let’s begin with these and then we’ll move on.

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