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Thursday, June 16

They Like Me! They Really Like Me!

Gosh, the 25 year old porn star, Mary Carey, had a blast at the Republican fundraiser and everyone was just so nice to her. It's so good to see the Republican's put away their morality rhetoric for a change. Their hypocrisy was getting to me. The porn industry is freaking huge! Why not add them to the Republican base? Business is business. Religion and porn go hand in hand... well maybe not. The clergy are so secretive about sex. The media isn't going to make a big deal about this anyway- these are Republicans- not sleazy Democrats!

This young lady wants to run for Lt Governor in California so she most certainly had every right to be at this event because she is thinking of running as a Republican... Well it turns out that they really like her.

“I think what the adult industry should do is for all the different companies to donate to the Republican party, like give a 100 thousand or two to the Republicans, and then they’d probably like us better.” (

CAREY (on countdown): I think they can drink just as much [as porn stars]. There were some really drunk guys by the end of the night. I was getting propositions to have threesomes with wives or mistresses. I was offered money from oil tycoons! I mean, it‘s pretty exciting. I didn‘t take any money and I didn‘t do any threesomes, but it was pretty—I was just surprised. I thought everyone would be stuck up and no one was going to like me. And everyone loved me and got drunk and took pictures with me. So I want to keep going to Republican events. I‘m a fully converted Republican now."

CAREY: I actually did. I met this really nice guy from Ohio. And when I met him, I told him—he asked me what I do, you know, because I had my little badge that said Mary. And I said I ran for governor of California. And he told me he has some rich friends who‘d give me $10 million possibly towards the next campaign. And he introduced me to all his friends. And it turned out when they found out I was a porn star, his friend‘s owns strip clubs, and they‘re going to book me to make appearances in the strip clubs. So I networked and made some jobs—you know, some future job and work possibilities.

And I am so happy that she felt right at home with everyone. The star of Tit Happens, Lesbian Big Boob Bangeroo, and Everybody Loves Big Boobies also asserted that she is Christian too. Fabulous!

“I am very Christian. I believe in God; I grew up believing and still believe in a lot of Christian morals; I believe in the Ten Commandments; I believe that thou shalt not kill; I believe in doing good and being a nice human being.” (

She seems to be very very nice too. And not sleazy.

“Politicians see the people who make porn movies as sleazy and the girls as dumb, but Mark’s not sleazy and I’m not dumb.” She pauses for a minute then asks, “Do you think I should shave my vagina tonight or tomorrow?”(

Hahaha, she is funny too! She also likes our president, his handlers and family so much that she'd like to have sex with them. They should be honored.

“President Bush is pretty good looking,” she says anticipating meeting him personally. (but she didn't) “It’ll be fun. He seems like a party animal. Look at his daughters — they obviously get it from somewhere. I’d love to party with them.”(

And to John at Americablog, she said about the Bush twins who are currently not serving in Iraq, "Oh my God, his daughters! I’d LOVE to party with his daughters. I’d love to meet them. I totally want to have sex with them. You can write it the day after I leave here."

Mary candidly admitted that she also "liked" Karl Rove. Other highlights: President Bush “is hot,” Karl Rove “is great,” and the parents of a US soldier asked her to send free porn to the troops.(the wire)

Well the Repubs and their contributors are not the prudes they'd like you to think they are. I am so relieved.

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