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Saturday, June 18

The Soiling of Truth

The autopsy report came to light this week and its contents showed what all intelligent people had known, that Ms. Schiavo was indeed a breathing human with little to no physical abilities or mental awareness. With only half her brain remaining and her eyesight gone, Ms Schiavo was no longer living a life of dignity or pleasure. Removing the feeding tube was not only humane, it freed her to die. She had been kept a prisoner by our ability to keep the dead, for all means and purposes, around for as long as some would like. This seems to be almost a form of taxidermy. The person is on longer living but is kept in a tangible state for the benefit of others. Is it selfish or is it denial? Is it cruel? How can it be cruel if the person feels nothing? That’s the very reason it is cruel and that’s the very reason it’s selfish. The dead and dying deserve to rest in peace. Playing with and handling their helpless bodies is disrespectful at the very least.

Now that we know Ms. Schiavo’s condition and now that all talk of her recovery or improvement has been debunked by the physician who preformed the autopsy, this too should be laid to rest. But it hasn’t been. In a ghoulish-like fashion, Governor Jeb Bush, like the mad scientist in his dimly lit laboratory surrounded by jars of formaldehyde containing human body parts, refuses to leave Ms Schiavo’s body alone. He goes to the fictional grave and drags the dead corpse back under the spotlights. He prods the corpse and shakes it. He looks around to see if he can draw an audience as he tries to breathe life back into the corpse that once gave him such pleasure and notoriety. She was such a crowd pleaser once, and he wants the crowds to look again and see that she can, even in her decaying state, still play a role in his act. He wants to hear once again the sounds of the crowds as they applaud his show, his determination, his dedication, his life-saving magic. He needs the corpse to keep his show alive.

He is so desperate that he is examining his corpse to determine what happened fifteen years ago. Like so many rings on a tree stump, Mr. Bush is counting and determining what happened during the life of his treasure. Wherever he goes, he drags with him Ms Schiavo’s decaying corpse. Perhaps he feels the stench of his bounty will foul the air and no one will notice the truth of the autopsy report. He is so dedicated to keeping the decaying Ms. Schiavo’s memory with him that he is picking the tiny details to death. Did Ms Schiavo’s husband call for help the moment he found his fallen wife or did he wait? What is, in Mr. Bush’s determination, too long to wait before making a call for help? Was Ms Schiavo’s husband taking advantage of a physical opportunity to allow his wife to become brain dead so he could fight for her the rest of his and her life? Did he see his unconscious wife lying on the floor and immediately see the opportunity to allow her to go into a vegetative state? Was Ms Schiavo’s husband that wily and that fast on his feet? The ghoulish governor seems to think so.

The governor seems to feel that since he was wrong on all parts of the Schiavo case, he needs to blame her death on something or someone. He needs to seek redemption from those who paraded around the woman’s life as she died. He is screaming, it wasn’t my fault that she died, it was the fault of her satanic husband because there was a matter of a time span fifteen years ago.

As we watch this sadistic episode unfold before us, we realize that as Governor bush exhumed Ms Schiavo’s memory from her grave he carefully placed the dirt right on top of the truth.

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