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Saturday, June 25

Sea Turtle in a Swimming Pool or Just Another Saturday at My House

About an hour ago, Mr. Pop got a call informing him that a green sea turtle (link for neat photo) crawled out of the Atlantic Ocean last night to dig her nest cavity and lay her eggs beneath the sand of the beach. There was a small problem. She crawled onto the beach, over the dune and into the back area of a beachfront condominium There she proceeded to lumber through a gap in the fence surrounding the condo’s swimming pool and then she plunged into the swimming pool. Not knowing how to use the steps she remains there in the pool. Mr. Pop is on his way to pick up a net and then to rescue the damsel in distress. I believe he said that the turtle nested in the sand near the pool before she took her dip.

Ha Ha! Mr. Pop thought the biggest thing facing him this morning was mowing our yard. “A sexually mature green sea turtle weighs 200-350 pounds with a carapace length of 2.5 feet. Adults grow to a carapace length of 3.5 feet and weigh an average of 400 pounds.” (link)

I’ll let you know how this all works out and hopefully there will be pictures that I can share. All the local media folks are scrambling to get their share of the excitement.

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