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Friday, June 17

Scottie, This is Not a Drill

“Yesterday, the White House dismissed Mr. Conyers' "hearing" as a stunt of no importance. This is simply rehashing old debates that have already been discussed," said White House spokesman Scott McClellan.”

Okay Scottie boy, we’ll see how the “stunt” works out for thee and thine. Seems to me that even if a handful of members of the House of Representatives are using the word “impeachment”, that carries significance. Which old debates are you referring to Scot my lad? I don’t recall the old debate where we discussed the fix being in on the war or where we discussed kicking your boss out of office for lying to Congress. No, see we didn’t have this discussion to my knowledge until yesterday. “Stunt of no importance”? We’ll see, Scottie boy.

Just keep this in mind: "It reminds me of the little blurb that appeared in the paper that said there was a break-in at the Watergate," said another mother of a slain U.S. soldier.”

Every good fire relies on a little spark to give it birth. All that little spark needs is nourishment. It needs a little air and a little fuel to get it going. As of yesterday we have a little spark. Now the little spark needs to be fanned and fed to give it strength and force.

Scottie, we are ready to fan the hell out of that little spark and feed it all it needs to grow. So you should be in the market for a real damned good extinguisher. You can just write this off as a “stunt” if you like, but Scottie, this is not a drill.

Quotes are from Globe and Mail.

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