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Sunday, June 19

Opposites Distract Opposites Distract

Let’s take a look at what this administration says and what it does. We all yawn and remember the infamous line that went, I’m a uniter, not a divider. This president is an absolute divider as evidenced by his stubbornness and his refusal to discuss any ideas but his own. Never is there a hint of consideration for any point of view other than his own. This refusal to cooperate with or even consider any suggestion from the other side has become a distraction so many times. Changing social security over to private accounts is a perfect example. He has been like a snake oil salesman traveling from city to city trying to sell his wares. Even though few have bought into his scheme, he continues to try to sell it rather than try to change and improve it. His determination to sell a faulty product has distracted the country from any other possibilities for a solution to the problem and also from more important and more imminent issues.

The war in Iraq is another of his flawed products but sadly this one did sell. A lot of Americans bought his war and it has kept our country distracted from domestic issues that should have been addressed. But, unfortunately we literally can’t afford to do that now. He distracted with talk of peace while waging war. He says that democracies do not attack other countries, while at the same time he engages our democracy in an invasion of a sovereign land. He distracts with peace in order to wage war.

He also speaks of freedom and democracy while at the same time removing freedom in the name of security. He tells us we are safer but the truth is our freedom is not safe from him. Many are convinced that in order to be safe you must give up your rights. Are we locking others out or are we locking ourselves in? He distracts with the word “freedom” while he confines us. So while he sings of the wonders of freedom and democracy he has distracted the nation from seeing that he is undoing both.

Let’s also talk about religion. He claims to be a religious man but it’s not religion as we would describe it. His religion doesn’t conform to any dictates of a religion we could respect. His “religion” condones actions that run contrary to kindness, forgiveness, patience and understanding. What religion would condone invading and occupying a country based on lies? What religious person would snicker at a woman’s appeal to have her life spared before her execution? He uses religion to distract and disarm while his actions are not at all that of a religious nature and fall closer to that of an evil nature While he crows of, and distracts with words of compassion, his actions are the very opposite..

Race is another of his distractions. While he gives the assumption that he does not have a racial bias, his administration uses race when it benefits their cause. Think back to the campaign when republicans suggested that John McCain was the father of a black child and used it in such a way to make that a negative factor. This past week gave Republicans a perfect opportunity to display their compassion for African Americans but many failed to acknowledge the crimes of the past. Where were the president’s obedient Republicans last week? They always seem to obey bush; did they obey him last week? If they didn’t, it would be one of the very rare times they haven’t.

So while this president and this administration speak one language, their actions portray another. While they distract the nation with one proposition, they are slyly enforcing another. Peace means war and love means hate. In this administration opposites truly do distract.

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