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Friday, June 17

Operation Yellow Elephant

Jesus' General is sponsoring Operation Yellow Elephant

"To motivate the College Republicans to vigorously defend the vital work they're doing defending the homefront by holding affirmative action bake sales, immigrant hunts, and subsidizing the Scaife funding of Ann Coulter, David Horowitz, and Michelle Malkin"

How you can go to college and still be a Republican these days is a mystery to me unless your daddy is a CEO. The truth about the illegal war in Iraq is anathema to College Republicans. Let's really educate these kids.

The General suggest this Weaponry: Flyers, posters, stickers, video cameras, still cameras, digital communications, humor, irony, creativity.

Ask the College Republican leadership to pass the following resolution at the 56th College Republican Biennial Convention June 24-26, 2005:

WHEREAS, the College Republican membership has always fully supported the war in Iraq;

WHEREAS, we have encouraged the notion that the degree of one's patriotism is directly proportional to their support for the war;

WHEREAS, by word, by deed and by support of Ann Coulter, David Horowitz, and Michelle Malkin we have decreed that dissent against the war is the equivalent of treason;

WHEREAS, the military continually falls far short of meeting its recruitment needs resulting in a manpower crisis;


The College Republicans organization is officially disbanded until the end of the war;


The College Republicans membership immediately volunteer for military service as infantrymen.

The General tells you Where to send your correspondence

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