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Monday, June 27

Oh They DID plan for after the war

Patricia sent this to me from Dahr Jamail Dispatch:

"Herbert Docena, researcher with the group 'Focus on the Global South'
who has studied Iraq's reconstruction and political transition pointed to the economic and political forces behind the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

”As early as February 2003, the U.S. had finished drafting what the Wall Street Journal called 'sweeping plans to remake Iraq's economy in the US's image',” Docena said. ”Just as the U.S. bombed out and physically obliterated almost all of Iraq's ministries, the plan entails the repeal of almost all of its current laws and the dismantling of its existing institutions, except those that already fit in with the U.S. design.”

PoP: Guess there was some planning for after the war, but not the kind that was needed.
Liz: Ah... we're playing god!

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