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Wednesday, June 22

Obstructionist and Damned Proud of It!

Last night on Hardball, Rove referred to Democrats as “obstructionist”, over and over. He used it in such a way as to insinuate that anyone who was an obstructionist should be regarded as someone who was an enemy to the country.

My dictionary defines obstructionist as “one who obstructs progress”. Nothing wrong with that.

You see, not all progress is good and not all obstructions are bad. Crossing a railroad track just as the train is approaching is not a good idea. That’s why the crossbars come down, to obstruct your progress and prevent you from being hit by a train. The obstruction of your progress by the crossbars saves your life. See, there are times when obstructions may prevent a negative outcome. And, there are times when further progress could be deadly.

I don’t mind being called an obstructionist. There is nothing wrong with trying to prevent our country from heading into a train wreck. I believe as Democrats we should all embrace the term “obstructionist”, and be proud and willing to stand up against the progress of anything that we believe to be detrimental to our country. Be an obstructionist, and be damned proud of it.

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