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Wednesday, June 29

Not the 9/11 Thing Again

Well I couldn't watch it so I read the transcript and as usual bushie declared that Iraq happened because of 9/11. He has a very short memory. He also tried to make it sound like we wouldn't have invaded Iraq unless there was a 9/11. Those of us who have followed everything coming out of this administration since the get go know that they have changed their story ad nauseum and even those who started paying attention recently have realized that bushie is so full of shit you can't believe anything he says anymore. Obviously bushie did not believe the 9/11 Commission Report. This calls for the citizens to demand another 9/11 Commission.

If this war is so important, I would like to see bushie's daughters and all the bush relatives of military age to enlist at once, get their arses over there to Iraq and kick some butt just to show the American people that this war is worth the sacrifice.

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