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Wednesday, June 22

Jeb Shows His Ignorance, Again

Palm Beach Post (link):

"Gov. Jeb Bush made clear his opposition to using embryonic stem cells for medical research as scientists gathering Tuesday for the world's largest biotechnology convention said stem cells could provide cures for a variety of diseases.

"I think taking a life to create a life is a huge contradiction morally," Bush said during a visit to BIO 2005."

Well yeah Jeb, it would be “a huge contradiction” if that were the plan, which it isn’t. It might be helpful to know your subject before giving your opinion. No one has proposed “taking a life to create a life”. The hope is that with research using embryonic stem cells we will be able to improve and prolong the lives of suffering, already existing, human beings.

Meanwhile, The Real Story:

"Two Boca Raton teens living with juvenile diabetes urged members of Congress Tuesday to support stem-cell research, which they said could lead to a cure for their disease.

"Samantha Stevens, 15, and Zach Ullman, 17, were among 150 other children who have juvenile diabetes who lobbied for research money. The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation sponsored the event."

The article continues in the Palm Beach Post:

Just When Florida Thought it Couldn’t Get Worse, It Could!

"Randall Terry, the anti-abortion activist who was a prominent voice in the losing battle to keep Terri Schiavo alive, said Tuesday he's going ahead with a Republican primary challenge of state Sen. Jim King in northeast Florida.

"King drew the ire of social conservatives this year when he and eight other Republican senators blocked legislation that aimed to reconnect Schiavo's feeding tube. Terry was spokesman for Schiavo's parents, who wanted their brain-damaged daughter to continue receiving nutrition." More:

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