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Monday, June 20

I Don’t Even Know These People

I don’t know a single person in Iraq, no Americans and no Iraqis. So, why should I care how many are dying? I mean, how can I cry about the death of someone I don’t even know? But, I do cry sometimes and it’s because it seems to me that every single one of these deaths might well have not occurred had it not been for my country electing the man who started it all.

Here in the US if a man murders a little kid we rise up in anger and disgust. Most of us had never met the little kid, but still it’s a heinous crime and everyone goes ballistic. There are little kids being killed in Iraq, and I don’t think enough people care. That’s why I cry for them, because there needs to be more crying for them. They are little kids I don’t even know but they deserve to be cried for and thought about. Also little kids’ moms and dads are getting killed in Iraq every day. Iraqi kids and American kids are losing their moms and dads. That makes me cry, but I don’t know those kids and I didn’t know their parents.

There are needless deaths occurring all over the world every day but I don’t cry for those people. Why are the deaths in this war different? Maybe it’s because I feel so guilty. We should have done more to prevent this war, but I don’t know what we could have done. We, along with so many around the world, tried to keep it from happening, but it did. I wish we could stop it. I sure do wish we could have prevented it and now I sure do wish we could end it.

A whole lot of people have died and are dying in Iraq, people I don’t even know. With all my heart, I care.

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