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Saturday, June 18

How Does This Make You Feel?

From Juan Cole (LINK):

“ al-Zaman reports that the Association of Muslim Scholars protested a US raid on the home of its leader, Shaikh Harith al-Dhari. It also denounced the similar raid on the information office of Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr in Baghdad. The AMS demanded in a communique that such raids be stopped, along with "arbitrary" arrests of Iraqis in general and of national symbols in particular. The raid on al-Dhari's home took place Wednesday, while the Sadr office was searched on Thursday. The statement called upon the United Nations and international and regional organizations to intervene to stop what it called "terrorist and repressive practices against the principles of humanity." It also called for an investigatory commission to examine the conditions and realities in the prisons and holding cells.”

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