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Monday, June 27

Good Morning and See Ya Later

Mr. Pop and I will be away for a couple of days. He will be doing Mr. Pop work and I will be having fun and chilling for a bit.

While I’m away, I want you guys to please be sweet to one another. See you later in the week.

I’ll leave you with Dahr Jamail’s most recent report:

"The jury of conscience has just released its recommendations after the culminating session of the World Tribunal on Iraq came to its conclusion. I’ll post the news story I wrote on this later, which will provide more details.

"I will add now, as a preface to a letter I received just now from an Iraqi who asked me to pass it on to the American people, that the jury made the following recommendations:

"The recommendations made by the jury included the demand for an immediate, unconditional withdraw of all occupation forces, the governments of the coalition to pay full compensation to Iraqis for any and all damages, and that all laws, contracts, treaties and institutions created under the occupation that Iraqi people deem harmful or un-useful to them be banished.

"Other recommendations included immediate investigations of crimes against humanity for Mr. George Bush, Tony Blair, and every other president of countries belonging to the coalition. In addition, the jury called for a process of accountability to begin to bring justice to journalists and media outlets that lied and promoted the violence against Iraq, as well as including corporations who have profited from the war".

Go here Iraq Dispatches to read the rest.

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