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Monday, June 20

A Few Little Wishes

I wish that there would be an extra special place in hell for whomever invented those little motorized scooters that sound like a lawnmower on steroids. That little machine that tortures everyone within its noise range, which by the way is a big range. That little machine that goes warp speed and takes kids around blind corners on the road.

I wish that Senator Biden would stop saying that they need to put pvc pipes in the homes in Iraq to run the sewer straight into the Tigris River. There’s gotta be a better way for them to dispose of raw sewage than to dump it into the river.

I wish that, until she says something new or worth repeating, no one would video or audio tape Condi Rice.

Ditto that last wish for bush and everyone in his cabinet.

I wish that everyone who endorses the prison and the conditions at Guantanamo, was there.

I wish the next president of the US would discard, destroy and determine that there is no “War on Terror”. Call it over and done. Otherwise our country will forever be in a state of war. You cannot win a war waged against everyone who causes a particular emotion. We do not need to be fighting a war against an emotion using the world and our country as our battlefield. A war against terror will never end; how could it? There will always be someone in the world who wants to harm someone else. Meanwhile this “war” is serving as an excuse to do some pretty awful things here, and around the world.

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