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Thursday, June 23

DSM Updates

While the right continues to pretend that the Downing Street Memo means nothing, it seems to be getting an awful lot of attention... even negative attention is attention... Watergate started as a trickle.

- Scott Ritter suggests that the war in Iran has already started, much like the war in Iraq started before it was declared. Interesting read.

- Robert Steinbeck of the Miami Herald suggests that Americans are inching closer to a reckoning: "The American public is inching tentatively toward a reckoning unlike any this nation has ever experienced. The oh-so-clever Bush administration strategists and their quasi-media acolytes, who have kept the reckoning at bay with a deft combination of we're-at-war patriotic fervor and fear-the-evil-liberals rhetoric, are running out of parlor tricks."

- And check out this interview with Sam Gardiner, a War College professor. (I didn't know there was a war college.) I watched something on the Science Discovery Channel about how the government controls the masses just yesterday. I thought all that stuff was conspiracy theory but it isn't. Luckily they can't brainwash all of us.

Gardiner: In the summer of 2003, we know from the Downing Street Memo that the Administration was talking about justifying a war by arguing that Iraq was the nexus of terrorism and WMD.

The terrorism argument was what propaganda literature would refer to as the big lie. The Administration’s objective was to make enough arguments connecting Iraq to terrorism and Bin Laden that the American people would believe Iraq was behind the 9/11 attacks. They used a technique called the excluded middle. Iraq supports terrorists. The attacks were by terrorists. Iraq must been behind the 9/11 attacks.
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