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Thursday, June 16

The Conyers hearing will be live today on C-span 3 at 2:30 pm est

Info on the Conyers Hearing today

This tells you a little about what and who to expect today. It will be live on C-span 3 and you may watch it on C-span’s website.


Pajama Party tonight at Blondesense to celebrate a ray of hope in a world of hurt. As always, I will supply the adult beverages and mixers. Bring your favorite snack and wear your cutest jammies. The party starts when you arrive. By the way, got a good joke? If so, bring it with you. And, yes of course tiaras and all sorts of fuzzy slippers are acceptable. Gentlemen, please at least arrive clothed. What you do later is your business. LOL

Till later!

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