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Tuesday, May 24

Where's The Beef

From Newswriter's website

The letter your News Writer sent to Ari Rabin-Havt in Sen. Harry Reid’s office upon receiving a copy of Reid’s statement on the compromise:

Dear Sen. Reid,

Sadly, the emasculation of the Democratic party shines through on this deal. True, the right to filibuster judicial nominees remains, a good thing, but I suppose as Democrats can now decide when to filibuster “in extraordinary circumstances,” so can the Republicans decide it’s not “extraordinary circumstances” and invoke the nuclear option.

And watching the number of nominees that will be kept out dwindle was saddening … particularly that in the end, the worst of them all will get a vote, and, most likely, a permanent seat on the appellate court.

Sad, Ari, even recognizing that the alternative was the disastrous handing over of the entire country to one political party. Sad to see that this is the best we can do, and STILL the extremist right screams bloody murder.

Still, it’s good to see Bill Frist and the White House lose one, even if it was a narrow loss.

I counsel my fellow progressives constantly to recognise that there are times when we can’t always get what we want (oh for some Stones tickets), and that we must see the small victories. But it doesn’t mean we don’t keep pushing for more and better, nor that we are not disappointed, or even alarmed, at how much we must give up to make even small gains.

Thanks for your efforts, though. I still have hope we will survive this drive toward theocracy.


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