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Thursday, May 5

We’ve Been Robbed

From Juan Cole

“AP reports suspicions of fraud in the American civilian administration of reconstruction in south-central Iraq. Of some $100 million, $7 million may have just gone missing, and the rest of the nearly $100 million can't be accounted for either, because of non-existent book keeping. Actually, I thought I read that $9 billion couldn't be accounted for from Coalition Provisional Authority days, so $100 million seems small change. Indeed, if the subject was wasted money as opposed to unaccounted-for money, the sum might be edging toward $300 billion.”

That’s your money. Don’t you want to file a complaint?

Here’s one place your money isn’t going.

“Reuters maintains that the US military in Iraq has no accountability with regard to civilian deaths, and that the procedures for family members to claim compensation are "Kafkaesque." Quote: ' "There is no reason to think that when a nameless Iraqi without international connections is the victim, the U.S. military would take it even remotely seriously," said Phyllis Bennis of the Institute for Policy Studies . . .'

Both of these stories come from Juan Cole. Both of these stories make we want to scream. Even if I do scream I don’t think anyone will hear me.

The US invaded Iraq under false pretenses, we have been robbed of large sums of money and American military lives. Innocent Iraqis have been killed by the thousands and are still dying today because of our invasion. We’re broke, they’re broke, we have dead to bury and so do they. So tell me again, who’s winning and how will we know when the game is over?

As I write this MSNBC is reporting that there have been two explosions outside the UK consulate in New York. I don’t know yet what this is all about, but let’s hope it isn’t what we think. The first thing that comes to mind is terrorism. That’s where we are today, isn’t it? We have issues and enemies.

If you have any strength left maybe you can handle this “When James Dobson throws his weight around Washington, people listen”

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