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Thursday, May 19

This story is so bizarre

that I don’t where to begin to tell you about it.

You really have to read it for yourself. Once you do, you’ll understand why I didn’t know where to begin.

Three Arrested in Sex Ring Involving Kids, Animals, and Church
“Sheriff's officials say certain church members allegedly raped children and animals in a cult-like fashion at the Hosanna Church. A neighbor says when he found out about it, "It surprised me. But I wouldn't put it pass them. They were weird looking people to begin with."

Livingston Sheriff's Detective Stan Carpenter says church minister Louis Lamonica turned himself in on Monday and admitted to having oral and anal sex with kids for years... and that's not all.

"He was basically showing the kids how to have sexual relations at a very young age. That is just something children at that age, they shouldn't have to know anything about that," says Carpenter.

Lamonica also allegedly named other church members in the child sex ring. They include Austin Bernard and Chris Labat. Labat is a patrol deputy with the Tangipahoa Sheriff's office.”

Check out the entire story and see the pictures of the three who “were weird looking people to begin with."

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