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Thursday, May 19

The So Called Liberal Media Forgot to Report This

While the right wing bloviators in the media and the White House continue to beat up on Newsweek's recent article that they claim incited tragic deaths because of America, as if it's something new, have neglected to mention that Michael Isikoff who co-wrote the article in question was also the reporter that incited the Clinton feeding frenzy of the 90's. He was once lauded as a fabulous journalist when he exposed the tragic Paul Jones fiasco (which turned out to be unfounded) and the horrific Lewinsky disgrace but today the same bloviators who adored Isikoff, vilify him for reporting a story that makes their boys look bad.

It's the old double standard. The crazy thing is that the Koran being flushed down the toilet is an ongoing story that was coming out of the American torture chambers yet people are just horrified. When the actual photographs of abuse from Abu Ghraib came out, the corporate media reported that Rumsfeld claimed it wasn't really torture. They attempted to tell the masses that what they were seeing wasn't really that bad.

The blabber mouths of the right wing claimed what went on in Abu Ghraib wasn't that serious despite what your 2 eyes told you unless you're some kind of pervert. The troops who followed orders and tortured the prisoners are now denigrated by the same people who said they were just blowing off steam, while the higher ups in the military got a slap on the wrist or even a promotion (Sanchez).

Now we are expected to believe that the flushing of a Koran down the toilet is the very worse charge you can make against the military?

Is this 1984 or what?

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