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Tuesday, May 24

The Senate Calls a Ceasefire a Compromise

A good compromise means that each side gives up something and neither side is completely happy. The devils lay down their pitchforks and the angels lay down their halos. Neither side is what it used to be and both look more alike.

Sponge bottom Bob’s nemesis is not happy. We are not happy. So maybe we have a compromise. The nuclear option has had a parachute strapped on it’s future and the filibuster can take a deep breath for now but it has to ask permission to move in the future. Seems this part is more of a ceasefire than a compromise in many ways. One thing seems apparent, we will get judges who we don’t like and they won’t get some judges that they do like.

Meanwhile, this happened in Iraq.

A 4-year-old is treated at a hospital Monday after a car bomb exploded outside a mosque in Mahmudiya.

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