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Friday, May 27

Presidents Say the Darnedest Things

May 25, 2001

“Another 3,800 sailors and Marines stand guard nearby with the Boxer amphibious ready group, deterring and mischief Saddam might contemplate. The USS Enterprise is in the Mediterranean, along with the Kearsarge amphibious ready group. They're supporting NATO efforts to maintain peace in the Balkans and deterring those who would break the peace. And in the Pacific, the USS Kitty Hawk is on call, ready, if needed, to defend America's interests.”

--George W. Bush—

Commencement Speech to Naval Academy Whitehousenewsreleases

(Note this was months before 9-11-01 but he was already talking about Saddam’s “mischief”)


The Commencement Speech to Naval Academy Foxnewslink

“The U.S. military is on the offensive in the War on Terror to prevent terrorists from reaching America's shores, President Bush said Friday, adding that 20 years from now, historians will look back on the Iraq war as "America's golden moment."

(Someone please define “America’s golden moment”. Is it like the moment when we are pissing on the world?)

May 26, 2005

Rose Garden with President Abbas Whitehousereleases:

“And so I'm -- I think there's something healing about asking people to vote. And hopefully, as more people participate and more people see progress on the ground, in terms of real tangible benefits when it comes to democracy -- like being able to make a living, or being able to send your child to a school that works, or being able to get good quality health care -- that more and more people will reject the notion that the only state based upon violence is a positive state.”

--George W. Bush--

(Okay, I just tossed this one in because it’s so bush-like)

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