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Thursday, May 26

Play Nice

What’s wrong with us? Why can’t our side ever win? I’ll tell you why. Everything that makes us liberal also makes us just too damned honest and nice. We don’t aspire to confrontations. We try to play by the rules. We aren’t comfortable telling lies. That, my dears, is why we are getting our liberal asses kicked daily. We are lying and cheating challenged.

The game is no longer played by a set of rules, but we continue to obey the rules of the old game. We all cringed when President Clinton went on TV and told us he had in fact gotten a bj. We didn’t give a good damn about what he had done, it was his lying that made us angry or sad or both. None of us saw it as the unforgivable transgression the Repubs did, but rather, damn it, he told a story, a fib, a lie. So we tried to rationalize why he did it and so forth. At least I did. I always felt his punishment was the morning he confessed to his wife. I would think that would be one of the most difficult situations any man could have to face. But see, it wasn’t enough for the Republicans. They made it the transgression of all evil transgressions, and ergo an impeachable offense. I swear that if bush had not totally screwed our country and had been even a half decent human being, and if he were to be caught lying about a bj, there is no way in hell I would think he should be impeached.

Now we are in a disastrous war that was entered into based upon, shall we say lies. We aren’t raising hell because we aren’t by nature hell raisers. Sure we spout and spurt our unhappiness about the insanity, but that’s all we do. Everything inside us knows that bush should be impeached because he has ventured out way beyond lying about sex. He lied about life and death issues. Sure he knew he was lying when he repeated information that Tenet had told him was wrong. That’s a lie. He lied. He did the very same thing that Clinton did except the stains left behind are blood stains on the sands of Iraq. That’s bush’s blue dress and the stains are only too visible.

They tell us to question the war is to tell the families of the fallen soldiers that their sons and daughters died in vain. No it’s not. To question the war is to tell the families that their fallen sons and daughters died because the president of the United States lied to them. Tell them the truth. Tell them it was all bullshit. Let them get mad too. They should. They deserve to be allowed to get mad and raise holy hell about the wool that was pulled over their eyes. Remind them of the speech on the Abraham Lincoln and all the other sleight of hand that has been choreographed by this administration. Tell them we support the troops and not just by slapping a magnet on the ass end of our car. Tell them we support bringing their kids back home, not sending more to die. I call that support, don’t you? We support the culture of life that keeps kids from dying in war. Couldn’t be any simpler that that.

We don’t slap anti-war magnets on our cars, because the good Christian followers of the bush doctrine would most likely key the hell out of our cars. Do we key the cars with their magnets? Hell no! Why? Because we are just too damned nice. We respect other people’s property and rights and opinions, as misguided as we may see them to be. We’ll stand up for someone else’s right to call us unpatriotic assholes because we still believe in free speech. We play by the rules and we think if we play that way long enough we can win the game. That’s the way it used to be. Used to be that honesty and fair play was rewarded. Now honesty and fair play seem to result in getting your butt kicked royally and repeatedly. Meanwhile, the other team makes their own rules and breaks them on a whim. There’s no honesty or fair play involved, but they just keep on scoring. Is it time for us to come up with new rules or shall we just keep playing nice and getting our asses kicked? We’ll keep playing nice because we can’t play any other way. We’re liberals.

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