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Wednesday, May 18

Paul Wellstone, Norm Coleman And Yesterday

Paul Wellstone, Norm Coleman And Yesterday

“Paul Wellstone is regarded as one of the most liberal members of the Senate. During his 12 years in Washington he has been fighting for our issues: the environment, education, human rights, health care, labor rights, fair trade and not free trade, campaign finance. Now he's helping to lead the charge in the Senate against war on Iraq.”

“Karl Rove, Bush's leading political strategist, has made defeating Wellstone a priority. Twice, President Bush has come to Minnesota and raised millions of dollars for Norm Coleman, Wellstone's opponent. What Wellstone has working for him that Coleman doesn't is one of the largest grassroots organizing efforts in the country.”

Senator Wellstone was running against Norm Coleman before that awful plane crash that killed the Senator and all aboard his plane. There was never a pat reason given for the plane crash and many still speculate. After the death of the Senator the Dems replaced him on the ballot with former Vice President Walter Mondale. Coleman won the Senate seat. The rest, as they say, is history.

Yesterday as we watched British Law Maker, George Galloway, rip into Coleman, you had to wonder, was Senator Wellstone’s ghost sitting there beside Mr. Galloway and silently saying, Give the little bastard hell, George. Don’t let him wiggle, just keep on jabbing. He deserves every damn thing he gets.

I hope that’s just the way it happened. I hope Senator Wellstone sneaked a cooler of cold beer into the room. I hope he was sitting there with his feet up on the table, having a ice cold one and enjoying the show. I hope every time Coleman took a direct hit that Paul nudged Galloway in the ribs and said, Keep giving him hell, he deserves every bit of it. Yeah, I hope that’s just the way it went especially when Galloway was talking about the Iraq war . Paul Wellstone would have loved that part, don’t you think?.

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