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Thursday, May 19

Oh Lordy, I'm a Liberal

I really didn't think I was liberal until I read the Pew Research Center's latest results and took their little test. I always thought I was rather moderate. It seems that the moderates are leaning towards bush and that's a bit alarming. It's no wonder considering that the media leans bush almost all the way. Liberals aren't necessarily comfortable with the Democrats according to the poll results either. That's for sure. I know I'm not happy with the Democrats. There aren't a hell of a lot of real Democrats out there. But then again, looking at the statistics, a lot of the Republicans aren't real Republicans either.

Reading the typography for each group was enlightening. Beyond Red and Blue. As suspected the "Enterprisers" or the extreme right, are mostly white males who are rather well off. Almost half have college degrees, more than half have a gun in their homes, almost half attend church weekly, more than half are evangelical christians. They know the most about world affairs and follow the news closely, however their main source of news is you guessed it, Fox News. This probably accounts for the fact that they strongly support military force rather than diplomacy, think poor people are lazy, believe that corporations make a fair and reasonable profit and think environmental laws hurt the economy.

The Liberals who are on the extreme left make up the largest voting block. Liberals are mostly well to do white men and women with as much wealth as the enterprisers, are the most educated of all the groups with about half having a college degree or more. Liberals are the most secular group and least religious, less likely own a gun, and most live in or near urban areas. Liberals are the second most informed group using the internet as their prime source of news rather than Fox News. Liberals feel that the government is too involved with peoples lives, yet doesn't do enough for the poor, believe that diplomacy promotes world peace more than military intervention, least likely to own a gun, are pro-choice and have the least objection to gay marriage. Liberals are also the least married group.

The Upbeats who are in the middle seem to be the group, if you ask me, that sways the votes towards GOP. They are just so darn optimistic! They are mostly young, mainline christians such as Catholic and Protestant, they make good money, are active in the stock market like the liberals and enterprisers, and except for their support of the war, they suspect US Foreign policy and have moderate views of morality. That is most likely because they are mainline christians. They cite the internet and newspapers as their media source. They are upbeat because they believe that Americans will always find a way to solve the problems and they have more faith in government than any other group. They also overwhelmingly believe that immigrants strengthen our country. I fell into this group when I was younger. That's why I was a registered Republican, but I never voted for Republican presidents.

A rather dumb group of conservatives (social conservatives) are middle class, evangelical, southern white women over 50 years. While they are not too keen on big business, they are suspicious of immigrants, homosexuals and poor people. Unfortunately their votes support this fascist regime coming into power. I imagine if they weren't so fear based, they wouldn't have supported bush.

Another sad group of conservatives and I'm sorry to report this, are women again, but younger (Pro-government conservatives). This group could be swayed to the left with the right information at their disposal. They vote against their own interests. They are less educated than other conservatives, financially insecure and very religious. They support assistance for the poor, regulations for businesses, don't own guns, face unemployment but believe you should fight for America-right or wrong. They don't cite cable news as their media source.

Education seems to be key for enlightening our citizens. It is no wonder that the elite enterprisers are doing such a good job of luring less educated people to their side with fear tactics and misinformation. With a better education, most conservative Americans wouldn't stand for their selfish and greedy nonsense. If liberals could convince people that living in a secular country doesn't threaten their religious beliefs, it could be a turning point, in my opinion.

The demographics are interesting. None of us really fall into one group exactly. Politically, both sides are divided as well. I cited statistics above from the polls but the analysis is my own personal liberal, northern, blonde opinion.

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