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Thursday, May 19

New Meaning To Mary on the Half Shell

You're familiar with the Mary of the Half Shell Grottos [left] that dot the landscape in Catholic communities, but an Ebay seller swears that this one [right] is the real thing. Somehow, miraculously the Virgin Mary etched herself into an actual seashell. What's more you can bid on it. It's about the size of a penny.

Unfortunately, this bidder might not make the thousands that the famed Holy Toast (a/k/a: Mary on Grilled Cheese) brought in recently. But perhaps if we spread the story around, some faithful person with a whole lot of money and mush for brains will purchase it. We can only hope and pray. The seller wants $1000 but so far it is up to $101. Last month a Doritos chip resembling the Pope's hat was auctioned for $1,209. Full story

This is not the first time that a famed Catholic icon appeared on a shell. This is an amazing [left] oyster shell that some believe represents Jesus Christ himself. It takes a bit of imagination stretching. He looks like he's been stricken with Bell's Palsy.

"This piece is unique - it is the work of nature, it is neither grilled nor cooked." said Matteo Brandi, owner of oyster shell. Full story

Thanks to dear Spin Dentist of the All Spin Zone for this important heads up to the latest eBay auction sparked by heaven's revelations.

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