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Saturday, May 28

Most Media Activists Are Over 40

Interesting article in on this subject. It claims "Getting young people to give up their school breaks for a policy conference is not an easy task, though Free Press should be commended for attracting as broad a range as it did. The Youth Caucus that gathered about 40 partakers, revealed a broad cross-section from different sides of the map. There were 14-year-old high school students who in some cases heard about media reform for the first time, as well as 30-year-old veteran student organizers."

Getting young people together for a policy conference? yawn. Progressives suck at marketing compared to the Rovian genius that sucks millions of Americans into its yaw. Progressive parents can do a lot to get their kids involved in the movement but to get most kids involved you need to have a marketing strategy and stage a multimedia event with today's top politically active bands and musicians. Keep the message short... keep it simple... keep it free. It can be done. A movement can be started on campuses across America when the marketing majors over 40 put their heads together.

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