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Friday, May 20

I Don’t Care How Many Monkeys Had Typewriters

The Patriot Act was signed by bush, October 26, 2001. Just about 45 days after September 11, 2001. Am I the only one who thinks that was an amazing short period of time to assemble and write something that all encompassing? Had they even had time to figure out all the details of how and why the attacks happened? Assistant attorney general Viet Dl Dinh was the chief architect of the act. Just how many monkeys with typewriters did Mr. Dinh employee?
The Patriot Act isn’t something that would fit on a pamphlet, it’s a hefty piece of work.

Think about it. Did the writers have a head start? Even if they began writing the afternoon of 9-11, I still don’t see how they could have finished it and the President signed it in only about 45 days.

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