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Wednesday, May 18

Don’t You Dare Think About World Peace

We’re developing “Rods from God”

Yeah baby, in God’s name our Air Force is developing a weapon that “aims to hurl cylinders of tungsten, titanium or uranium from the edge of space to destroy targets on the ground, striking at speeds of about 7,200 miles an hour with the force of a small nuclear weapon.” And they have nicknamed this killer, “Rods From God”. Don’t you know that would make any god proud to have his name associated with something like that. Just the idea of naming something that could kill people “Rods From God” gives you a sick feeling, doesn’t it? It implies that God has joined up with the US in some sort of global killing mission.

They have other plans too. “While the Missile Defense Agency struggles with new technology for a space-based laser, the Air Force already has a potential weapon in space.

In April, the Air Force launched the XSS-11, an experimental microsatellite with the technical ability to disrupt other nations' military reconnaissance and communications satellites.”

And what should be called projects Mirrors & Smoke and Radios & Toast, are these plans.

“A third program would bounce laser beams off mirrors hung from space satellites or huge high-altitude blimps, redirecting the lethal rays down to targets around the world. A fourth seeks to turn radio waves into weapons whose powers could range "from tap on the shoulder to toast," in the words of an Air Force plan.”

Pretty soon, if all goes well, the military can recline in their La-Z-Boy recliners and fry the rest of the world.

It won’t be cheap to kill people by remote control. “The Air Force does not put a price tag on space superiority. Published studies by leading weapons scientists, physicists and engineers say the cost of a space-based system that could defend the nation against an attack by a handful of missiles could be anywhere from $220 billion to $1 trillion.

Surveillance and reconnaissance satellites are a crucial component of space superiority. But the biggest new spy satellite program, Future Imagery Architecture, has tripled in price to about $25 billion while producing less than promised, military contractors say. A new space technology for detecting enemy launchings has risen to more than $10 billion from a promised $4 billion, Mr. Teets told Congress last month.

But General Lord said such problems should not stand in the way of the Air Force's plans to move into space.

"Space superiority is not our birthright, but it is our destiny," he told an Air Force conference in September. "Space superiority is our day-to-day mission. Space supremacy is our vision for the future."

Space supremacy is our vision for the future? How about a present vision of supremacy on the six mile stretch from Baghdad to the airport?

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