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Saturday, May 28

DeLay angry at Law & Order, but not Boston Legal

"WASHINGTON -- House Majority Leader Tom DeLay is upset that a popular NBC crime drama used his name as part of its show.DeLay wrote NBC to complain that one of the characters on "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" invoked his name in a story line about the shooting death of a federal judge.

"Maybe we should put out an APB for somebody in a Tom DeLay T-shirt," the fictional [female] police officer [sic, detective] said.

DeLay, in a letter to NBC Universal Television chief Jeff Zucker, called that reference a "slur."

"This manipulation of my name and trivialization of the sensitive issue of judicial security represents a reckless disregard for the suffering initiated by recent tragedies and a great disservice to public discourse," he said.DeLay, R-Texas, criticized the federal judiciary after the courts refused to stop the death of Terri Schiavo. "The time will come for the men responsible for this to answer for their behavior," he said in a statement on March 31, hours after Schiavo died."


It was not a trivialization of judicial security, DeLay's remarks were the insensitive remarks which appeared to open season on judges that follow the law and not DeLay.

Notice, however, when William Shatner's character, the eccentric if not unbalanced Denny Crane, said in an ABC episode, "Boston Legal": "Tom DeLay always told me to keep a gun in my office," DeLay didn't fire off a letter. While, arguably ABC's shot at DeLay was, while made by a male character, more sarcastic because Shatner's character is considered the "Boston Legal"'s less than stable legal eagle.

Message. DeLay has no sense of humor. Kathryn Erbe's character said what millions of Americans are thinking. He also doesn't understand a subversive attack on how idiotic he is. He wasn't upset that William Shatner's character said that his character, a loose cannon, takes security advice from DeLay who is a dare I say it, a loose pop gun. He also doesn't understand that he has a negative impact on the culture he so desperately wants to dictate. He has become a household word for "out of control" and an associate of "the lunatic fringe."

Of course the "Law and Order" episode ran this week when yet another DeLay associate finds himself in trouble with the law. Seems a treasurer of one of DeLay's tentacle like political action committees didn't report hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions. DeLay gets that off the front page by fighting with a fictional television show.

Ask Dan Quayle how successful it was for him to fight fictional television character, Murphy Brown. You can catch Candice Bergen on "Boston Legal". There is a whole generation of young people who wouldn't know Dan Quayle if he appeared as a guest villain on "Law and Order".

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