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Wednesday, May 25

Culture of Life, Indeed.

By Aikane
(Blondesense reader and POP's brother in love)

I have long held that the "culture of life" is actually the "culture of Republicanism," which is nothing beyond the detestable human trait of feeling superior to someone else.

Find a group to hate--the interchangeable liberals, socialists and communists, gays and lesbians, baby-killers, welfare cheats, the godless, foreigners in all their manifestations (immigrants, the French)....

Republicanism is simple: If you're not with us, you're the enemy. If you don't vote Republican, you're the enemy. If you oppose anything we want, you're the enemy, even if you're a "pretend Republican" like warhawk John McCain.

Anything going wrong is not my fault; it's the liberal Democrats' fault.

Ultimately, my bank account is bigger than your bank account and my god is bigger than your god. If I can't use my money to kill your "agenda," I'll have my goons kill you politically if you're a traitorous American; I'll have my army kill you if you're a foreigner. Otherwise, god will do the dirty work.

Thank you for your rant, Aikane.

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