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Tuesday, May 31

Bush Joke Prompts Yearbook Recall

From the Associated Press

"Winfield, Colo.---High school yearbooks were recalled so that administrators could black out a joke caption under one student's picture: "Most likely to assassinate President Bush."

Mesa Ridge High School officials recalled about 100 yearbooks earlier this month and had staffers use markers to obscure the words in them and in the still-un-distributed copies. The Secret Service even launched an investigation.

"They kind of ruined our yearbook," said Christina Tredway, who just graduated from the school just south of Colorado Springs. Most Students thought the blacking-out was a bad idea because the caption obviously was a joke, she said.

Widefield School District officials called the caption a prank that wasn't caught before the yearbooks were printed, district spokesman James Drew said.

Lon Garner, special agent in charge of Secret Service's Denver District, said that all threats against the president must be investigated."

Give me a break! Do you really consider this a serious threat to the presnut?

There were several other joke captions in he book, including "most likely to forget his gown at graduation." Am I crazy or what? Wait, don't answer that. But seriously, dose this make ya kinda wonder if the secret service doesn't have to much time on their hands?

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