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Tuesday, April 26

yeah, what Frank Rich said.

Read Frank Rich in the New York Times.

I cooked dinner last Sunday night, as the kitchen is where obviously all women's future lies, cooking for last night'sbroadcast of Jesus TV. Last night the Pope, tonight the end of the world and of course the end of democracy and an independent judiciary. I thought that NBC mini Sunday School lesson, Revelations, was on to pre-empt Law & Order, but no it was that moronic show, Contender.

I am upset about the fundamentalist occupying so much cultural space.

I am waiting for liberals to quit pondering this shit over cheese, Triskets and white wine. It is time for liberals to get upset about this country going all theocracy on us. I am tired of the Democrats not speaking out against this thing loud and clear. Like they are afraid they are going to lose votes if they offend someone. The fundies aren't going to vote for you Hillary. So quit positioning yourself and get the word out that we are not a theocracy. You have pretty good religious creditials. Tell these idiots that if they go nuclear on the filibuster because they want their nutty judges on the bench that the Democrats will not let another piece of legislation on the floor. End the filibuster, end democracy, usher in the theocracy.

I think what tears it for me is the Fundies' insistence that the filibuster will be used against their judicial nominees like it was used against the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Used against "people of faith." What happened to Barbara Jordan and her faith "complete and total" in the U.S. Constitution? Well, she is dead and so is the brain dead Democratic Party. Stop worrying about winning elections and worry that there might not be anymore elections. As if these people were ever for the Civil Rights Act of 1964. They were the ones using the filibuster against the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

These snake handlers are not crazy. They have rushed to fill the void of average people who no longer participate in politics. The sensible Republicans have made a deal with the religious fundamentalist to allow them to govern as long as they give tax breaks to the rich. Together these two right wings of the Republican Party have given the nation over to the anti intellectual, anti science, flat earthers.

This kind of immovable insanity caused the Civil War of 1861.

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