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Sunday, April 24

Women have the secret weapon

The word "vagina" only came up in health class when I was a kid. Oh we knew we had them. We referred to it as "down there". "Did Robbie try to touch you "down there"?" or "I am having a yeast problem "down there" and I have to see the doctor." Boys had "thingy's" as in or "Did you see his thingy? Ewwwww."

Two high school girls got in trouble in Minnesota for wearing "I heart my vagina" buttons to school, after seeing the Vagina Monologues. This caused an uproar in the school and the community. Apparently the word "vagina" is offensive to some and according to message boards on the internets, some guys ask, "Do you want us to wear "I support my penis buttons" to school?" Well sure. If you feel that your penis has been used as a tool of oppression for thousands of years, then go for it, babe.

Rottenberry, a young women who writes at, brought up this subject and wondered why more liberals weren't outraged by the outrage. Good point. She also says:
"The buttons have been called pointless, disruptive, vulgar, and a cry for attention. First of all, there is a definite point to the buttons. Women are taught from a young age to fear their vaginas. Women are encouraged by corporations and by society to hide their periods--feminine products keep getting smaller and they are even making the wrappers 'silent' now. Heaven forbid another women in a restroom hear the familiar sound of a tampax wrapper! The point is, having your period and having a vagina is natural. There is nothing gross or disgusting about it. Why are women taught to be uncomfortable about their own genitals?"

Because it's not a penis?
Because the bible says it's gross?

Here's a guy who's petrified of vaginas and women. Get this:
From 'The Spectacles of Feminism' by Rudy Takala at "Feminism is now being utilized as a means to promoting pornography and cultural debasement. It has nothing to do with equal rights, of course, and the freedom to partake in such debasement generally isn't disputed. Nonetheless, they claim that not just poor taste, but flamboyant, public vulgarity is necessary to the advancement of "women's rights."

That the ACLU would call the buttons political speech is indicative of the fact that the real issue isn't about women's rights or violence against women. No one publicly advocates for violence against women. It isn't a political issue. If The Vagina Monologues were truly about violence against women, it wouldn't be a political issue, either. It's a political issue because it advocates public obscenity and nothing else."

This man is out of his mind, obviously but it's good that we have the right to free speech so I can read this kind of shit, know what's going on in sick minds and become a militant feminist. This guy hasn't even seen the Vagina Monologues so he really should shut the fuck up.

Anyway, if we can tell a lot about a man's satisfaction or dissatisfaction with his penis by the car he drives, or what political party he belongs to, what should stop a female from demonstrating her position from a genital standpoint? After all, almost everything in the world is based on the penis.

It's not just Minnesota where woman are wearing 'I heart my vagina' buttons and seeing the "Vagina Monologues'. Women are chanting about their vaginas on campuses across this great land. Vaginas make my favorite sexist pig columnist at, Mike Adams positively limp! Like it's not his fault that he can't get it up. He complains about his ED (Erectile Dysfunction) like we're supposed to feel sorry for him. He writes:
"In 2002, I read the book “Intimate Reading” by a feminist professor in the English Department at UNC-Wilmington. After I read the section about her losing her virginity at age 16 (told in graphic detail), I again experienced ED.

In 2003 (February), when campus feminists marched around stage chanting “vagina, vagina” during the Vagina Monologues, I experienced ED again. Even worse, it happened to me on Valentine’s Day...

Yeah, good excuses, limp boy. And see a shrink about your sexual orientation when you get a chance.

This is a wonderful opportunity for women to sport the vagina in every aspect of life and completely "gross out" the right wing, jeso-fascist pigs, make them limp and powerless... bring them to their knees. Mwahahahahaha.

Now back to the drawing board. More t-shirts, buttons and bumper stickers coming.

UPDATE: Satire: Lynn Cheney remarks on Blessed Mary's Impenetrable Vagina. (Warning: Evil vagina pictures at the link. You decide if you want to look at it at work.) click click click click bye

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