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Tuesday, April 26

Who is on sodomy patrol anyway?

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Consensual sodomy between members of the U.S. military no longer would be a criminal act under a proposal sent to Congress by the Pentagon's legal office and made public on Thursday.

I had no idea it was illegal to sodomize each other in the military. It's a darn good thing I didn't enlist.

But, if it's consensual and it's done privately how would anyone know who was doing whom? Who's watching and how does one qualify for that job?

Gays could still be drummed out of the military for openly discussing or acting on their sexual preferences...

Having any kind of intimate relations openly should be avoided everywhere except sex clubs or orgies, in my opinion... but I digress. But it seems that only gay guys can't do it openly if that sentence above is accurate.

I'm getting the feeling that it's ok if 2 "heterosexual" men do it, as long as they are both digging it, as it were, cause there were no women around. It's ok if a man and woman do it. But god help you if you're gay and try such a degrading thing.

And who the hell is looking?

Under the current Uniform Code of Military Justice, consensual sodomy by heterosexual or homosexual couples can be punished by up to five years in prison. But, if Congress approves, that would be changed so that only "forcible" sodomy or sodomy with a child could be prosecuted as criminal acts.
Well that's a relief. I'm sure congress just can't wait to sink their teeth into this very important issue. What age is a child in this context? Curious. What if it's a "consenting child"?

How do you prove you were forced in this man's army?
What manly man is going to go to his superior officer and claim that he was forced to commit sodomy? If a woman were to claim that she was forced, she'd probably be ignored.

Are you clear on all this?

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