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Sunday, April 10

Who is the more important dead person?

¿Quién es la persona muerta más importante?

If you've been watching tv, then you'd know that the media views the Pope and Terri Schiavo more important than the thousands and thousands who have died in Iraq because John Paul and Schiavo have had more television coverage in the past three weeks than the dead in Iraq received since the war began.

See that soldier in the picture? He's Sgt. 1st Class Paul Smith. He died a year ago in Iraq and left a wife and 2 kids behind. Before bush rushed off to bid farewell to his buddy, Popey, he managed to award Sgt. Smith the first Medal of Honor of the Iraq war. Over 1,500 soldiers have died so far. One stinking medal after 2 years of war. I don't know anything about the military but it hardly seems worth it to sign up for it, if you aren't going to get medals and stuff.

See that little girl with her foot blown off in the other picture? She's dead. She represents one of the tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi's who were killed so that Americans can I don't know what... drive bigger cars? You tell me. That man who picked her up is more macho than bush.

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