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Thursday, April 28

When Shadows Fall

This is a poem by my dear friend and all around good buddy, Bubba. It sustained me through a very sad night.

I am dedicating it to his beloved son Mathew. Who left this world April 16th four years ago this month. Rest in peace precious boy.

When Shadows Fall

When shadows fall across my heart,
when all I see is pain.
When all my friends seem far away,
when I'm crying in the rain.

When I forget I'm not alone.
When my burdens seem too much to bear.
When passion's flame die's within my breast,
and I have not the strength to care.

Lift up my head Great Spirit I pray,
fill my heart with fire once more.
Wipe these pitiful tears away,
let my spirit soar.

Give me words to inspire someone,
to carry on the fight.
Never let us surrender,
to the darkness of the night.

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